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Section A - Name
The name of this association shall be the International Association of Piano of Piano Buiders and Technicians hereinafter referred to as IAPBT

Section B - Headquarters
The communication center shall be determined by the Board of Directors
Section A - Purpose
The purpose of the IAPBT shall be the formation and maintenance of a non-political worldwide fellowship of pino technicians and builders.

Section B - Objecties
The objectives shall be to provide a means for and encourage freedom of exchange of technical informaion and any other subject of related interest.
Section A - Description
The emblem or logo shall be:

Section B - Use
The emblem or logo of the IAPBT shall be available for the exclusive use by tis memvers.
Section A - Member Organizations
A member organization shall be an association or organization:
1) whose purpose and function comply with the aim of IAPBT
2) whose membership includes highly qualified piano builders and.or piano technicians from major areas of the country or countries in which the gead office of the member of the member organizatioin is located.

Individual memberships may be granted by member organizations to their respective members.

Section B - Rules for Membership
1) Organization or associations wishing to become members must be given a provisional membership by vote of the Board of Directors. This vote may be conducted by mail. The association will then be presented to council for vote at tis next meeting and if ratified will be granted the appropriate seat on the Board of Directors.
2) individul piano builders and/or piano technicians who comply with the aim of the IAPBT shall be granted individual membership when no organization or association exists in their country or when any existing organization or association is not a member of IAPBT
Board of Directors
Each member organization shall select one its members to serve on the Board of Directors. Those organizations with more than 1500 highly qualified members shall select 2 members to serve on the Board of Directors. From its number, the Board of Directors shall elect or appoint the officers of IAPBT.

Section B - Officers
The officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretaty /Treasurer, Executive Secretary and Immediate Past President.

Section C - Duties of Officers
1) Presicent : The President shall be the chief executive officer of IAPBT and shall maintain regular communication with each member organization reporting fully on any plans, business or proposed action of IAPBT.
2) Vice-PresidentL The Vice-President shall assist the President and in case of disability or incapacity of the President, shall perform the duties of the President.
3) Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for the proper recording and maintenance of the minutes of all meetings, maintenance of all funds, preparation of financial reports, and other records of the IAPBT. The Secretary-Treasurer will be from the same association as the President. If the host association does not have two directors, then the Secretary-Treasurer will be made a non-voting member of the Board of Directors during that President's term.
4) Executive Secretary - The Executive Secretary will be a member of PTG and a non-voting member of the IAPBT Board of Directors, This officer will act as a liaison to help facilitate communication between the member organizations and the Home Office.

Section D- Term of Election or Appointment
The Board of Directors and the Officers shall be elected or appointed for a term of two years or until a successor has assumed the duties.
Section A - Expenses
Each member organization shall be responsible for its own expenses in regard to participation in the IAPBT and for financial procedures and expenses in regard to its own affiliate members.

Section B - Compensation
No officer or member shall receive compensation for performance of duties, for participation of for service to IAPBT.

Section C- Interpreters
Interpreters shall be arranged by the sponsoring organization wherever the international convention will be held.
Section A - Regular and Special Meetings
Regular meetings of the member organizations shall be held every two years at a site to be approved by the officers. Preference shall be given to invitation from each member organization in turn. Special meetings may be held when called by unanimous vote of the officers.

Section B - Method and Quorum
Meetings of the IAPBT, the Board of Directors and the Officers may be held in person, by mail, e-mail or by telephone provided a majority participates in the meeting.
Section A - Delegates
Each member organization shall be entitled to one delegate for each 200 or fraction thereof of its highly qualified members, with a maximum of 10 delegates.

Section B - Voting Strength
Member delegations have a voting strength equal to the permitted number of delegates.

Section C - Vote
Each delegation can cast its allowable number of votes regardless of how many delegates are in attendance.
Section A - Procedure
These Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the IAPBT by a tow-thirds vote. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the IAPBT member organiztions at least sixty days prior to the metting at which the amendments are to be acted upon.

Section B - Emergancy Provision
In an emergancy, notice of amendment may be waived provided consent to the waiver has been given by a majority of the member prganizations present of absent, participating or abstaining from action on the amendment.