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The IAPBT (International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians) was established in Minneapolis in the United States in July of l979. The Association came into existence under an agreement between Nobuo Tanake, Chairman of the JPTA and Donald Morton, Chairman of the IAPBT, with the stipulation that they would serve as co-chairman for a period of two years.

The main purpose of the association'sagenda is to pursue more advanced techniques, and to improve and maintain the quality of pianos. To achieve this goal, the association fosters the international exchange of piano technicians and builders, while promoting cooperation for the purpose of exchanging scientific research.

Basically, one member association represents one country- An individual is granted membership status only when he can find in his country no organization belonging to the IAPBT. The Venues of General Assemblies held since the IAPBT was incepted are shown below.
- 2nd meeting, April 1981 Thun, Switzerland
- 3rd meeting, Mayl983 Tokyo, Japan
- 4th meeting, July l985 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
- 5th meeting, July 1987 Toronto, Canada
- 6th meeting, June 1989 Kyoto, Japan
- 7th meeting, July 1991 Seoul, Korea
- 8th meeting, June 1993 Colochester England
- 9th meeting, June 1995 Albuquerque, USA
- 10th meeting, June 1997 Emmetten, Switzerland
- 11th meeting, May 1999 Hamamatsu, Japan
- 12th meeting, May 200 Bristol, England
- 13th meeting, May 2003 Dessau, Germany
- 14th meeting, June 2005 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
The current participating organizations include the PTG of the United States (4,000 members), JPTA of Japan (3,000 members), the KAPT of Korea (1,200members), the TPTA of Taiwan (300 members) and the APTTA of Australia (250 members). Individual members are spread throughout countries, suchas Hong Kong, Greece, Republic of Cyprus, Argentina and Uzbekistan. Euro Piano is an association of 12 countries which are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Russia and the Netherlands.